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Hold Up ft Kendra Fosteris the breakout first single onLonely C’s (aka Charles Levine of Soul Clap) debut album,Charles & Tribulations. Foster, known as a multitalented force of singer/songwriter who’s toured the world for over a decade with Parliament-Funkadelic, won a grammy for her co-writing on D’Angelo & The Vanguard’s Black Messiah, most recently set forth as a solo act with her 2016 eponymous sophomore album. This may be Kendra’s first foray into house music, but she’s no stranger to the groove. Thisis a dance-floor classic in the making, already receiving powerful response from crowds at Soul Clap’s DJ sets. On Hold Up, Foster sings,“It’s a sad and sorry thing if you gave all you got, its the day of reckoning and you ain’t got a shot!”.Life tends to reveal its lessons in enigmatic ways — this fundamental story, paired with Lonely C’s strong rhythm, huge analog chords, and powerfulbaseline, serves up a dish of steaming hot empowerment!